is a magazine dedicated to mail art, peace, poetry, vispo, love, light, magic, stones, signs, snakes, turtles, renegades & global networking. This is the extended e-version of the first zine containing a world peace poem in reaction on the war on Iraq.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


P lea to all nations:
E xpress your feelings against war without fear,
A ct now, don't follow blind the masses,
C ling together to make a difference,
E nd the new war before it starts.

F ighting will lead us nowhere,
O ur world deserves peace.
R equital is no solution.

T error is without doubt horrible,
H oly war, too.
E xtermination of Iraq won't change anything.

W e are all children of this planet,
O ur common goal should be a better world for us all.
R aise your voices,
L oud and clear,
D emand peace for this world!

© Christiane Grenzebach, Germany, 2002