is a magazine dedicated to mail art, peace, poetry, vispo, love, light, magic, stones, signs, snakes, turtles, renegades & global networking. This is the extended e-version of the first zine containing a world peace poem in reaction on the war on Iraq.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

"The nature of the world-reality’s self-organization shows its principle to be a creative poor in violence process of balancing out and creating, of creative-equalizing integration of power and resources, i.e. of an "organic peace order" with its "social imperative" aiming at peace, with its peace culture, as fundamental legality, conformity with the natural laws of self-organization.

Peace doesn’t mean a world wherein the for the world’s "life" necessarily existing tensions and energies are extinguished. But it describes a world wherein those are stripped of their destructive aspects and made productive within a common liberal order of balancing out.

Within conflict situations always there has to be found a new land. That is a "hidden common creative sphere of balancing out" as condition for at the same time any succeeding structural docking, coexistence, any viable living together, and as prerequisite as well as improvement of the prevailing own system always anew. This is the more, the humane, by that the whole extends the sum of the parts, the world law of the hidden contrasts’ harmony elaborated by Heraklit, opening on more complex evolution’s levels new creative possibilities, new structures, new processes and products.

As man is living, he is free, and for his free living there must be peace. Freedom is the unfolding of man’s possibilities in peace and responsibility beyond all primary bonds, their repetition on a higher level, like family and fatherland, as well as beyond all suppressions and estrangements. For self-determination, freedom, only in lasting peace times can decide responsibly in a changing environment what is "just and unjust" and how contrasting interests have to become balanced out eliminating causes of violence with it in principle preserving life and the reality of all, yes possibly expanding it.

The self-organization of the world enables the man to find out on the basis of pragmatic if-then-descriptions the destructive powers of relations, to influence them by life-effective ones, to take from them their destructive effects thus improving the state of the world order. The new paradigm shift permits the man to confront the vision of the world as a destabilizing and self-destructing disorder of war with the one of the reality as a self-stabilizing and growing peace order. The question occurs of the brutalization or the civilization of the man in the near future, in the end the one of the personal human freedom and its bond, namely the one for the responsible self-restriction of the human creativity, i.e. for the immediate change, improvement, of his self-understanding.

Peace for the whole world, peace for Iraq!"

© Henning Mittendorf, GERMANY
27 September 2002