is a magazine dedicated to mail art, peace, poetry, vispo, love, light, magic, stones, signs, snakes, turtles, renegades & global networking. This is the extended e-version of the first zine containing a world peace poem in reaction on the war on Iraq.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


to the pulse of life
in every human heart...
it cannot encompass
the insanity
of war destruction anymore...
Where is our intelligence
if we can not communicate
and respect
the Right to Live? ...
What is technology good for
if it promotes death
instead of Life?
Could we in the year 2002
create and celebrate
in harmony with
our mother
Can we bestow
in our children
the gift of Peace?
the gift of a
safe world?...
A sense that
Life is sacred
and it will be
honored and respected?
Could we all
listen to the pulse
of Life
to the pulse
of Love
that affirms our existence
in the rhythm
of our hearts? ...

(c) Maria Elena Lopez Vinader, ARGENTINA
29 September 2002