is a magazine dedicated to mail art, peace, poetry, vispo, love, light, magic, stones, signs, snakes, turtles, renegades & global networking. This is the extended e-version of the first zine containing a world peace poem in reaction on the war on Iraq.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Once we skip-hopped and shared a life of simple fun.
In school we sang most ardently our anthems.

We blithely played and exchanged our marbles.
Today we exchange sharp and fatal bullets.

We were proud of our ancient monuments lauding our past.
Today we destroy these treasured landmarks with fierce abandon.

Our parents boasted about our mental and physical progress.
Today they are silent at our passion of willful destruction.

Our fathers shared tools, seeds and everything.
Now all alone they burry their fallen offspring.

Our mothers were friends, and talked and laughed together.
Today every mother has to grieve alone for her children.

© by Lini Richarda Grol, CANADA / THE NETHERLANDS