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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Foreswear the Promise of the Future, America

In a land where votes were stolen and the media manipulated like a joke
I thank those who have joined together to bring promise to the spoken word.
When I was young I was taught that I could raise my bosom and that the flag would foreswear my allegiance
To goals and vision that would embrace the global community and man each in his individual way, democracy!

Now I know that I must seek again to re-imagine a dawn from friends and even foe
Based on no hesitation that the promise has been broken
Emboldening the word through documentation much like writing the constitution or the declaration of independence
I will join with you each and every one like a brother and sister, mother and father, parent and child, mentor and disciple to find a new beginning and seek hope joined with the family of man
That the future will not be stolen more and that truth will hold value, that hearts will lift to fortify and ensure freedom and that moral law and the legal framework will bind integrity in a battle against Satan, both in terror and revenge and that every man and woman will sound the bell of future generations

With your crown asunder can you refurbish your laurels based on a spiritual inheritance?
from civil rights won through sheer force of will,
a vote protected in the distant past
A bloodless revolution with hallowed halls of infinity a noble victor in the humble leadership of martyrs at the side of King
At once young, with virtue like a remembered honor in the lion's den of Damocles
Can we overcome knowing the fear of death?
Will we know peace again and a code of law that forged through forbearance will decide a victory?
Let's join together and continue to fight until we see it done,
each in his or her own way but side by side until a spiritual civilization is cultivated and accord brings harmony through treaties with vision blessed through diversity embracing global leadership.
Shaking off the shackles of fraud built by corrupt men stealing what is not theirs and seeking to blindside our resources as if we do not see them or know what they have done.

We will outsmart the devil through kindness and determination
to protect our children and the future,
this I foreswear with you by my side,
new friends and old,
each in their own step and at their own pace in a rhythm blessing the sanctity of life.

© by Tina Ebey, USA