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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Compassion I

Dedicated to Abu Amar, Nelson Mandela and Tony Benn

We are all travellers on Space Ship Earth
Contributing to life through our birth.
There is no inferior race.
We all deserve a living space.
All of us comprise Life's creation
Of class, colour, creed, sex and nation.
All souls in their own fashion
Were created with caring compassion.

We are equal, eternal souls in human form,
Also those not conforming for our norm.
"Love your fellow man and follow my way",
Is what we hear the masters say.
To preach this path and practice the opposite
Sends signals of a spiritual hypocrite.
All souls in their own fashion
Are on Earth to develop compassion.

Compassion does not treat others apart.
Compassion means to act from the heart,
Never purposefully produce pain,
Feeling oneness with all life again.
The true test of spirituality
Is how we treat others in reality.
All souls in their own fashion
Can daily practice loving compassion.

Love is much higher than theory.
Only heart-felt love can set us free.
This basic truth we must understand.
Love is how to treat our fellow man.
Anything less is meant to deceive.
Conning us that we may believe.
All souls in their own fashion
Can grow by loving
Life with compassion.

It's all right when our hearts are burning.
It's all part of a lifetime's learning.
This simple truth survived through the ages.
Was proclaimed by all the sages:
"The only signs that our souls have grown
Are the deeds through which our love is shown"
.All souls in their own fashion
Through kind conduct can convey compassion.

Heaven is our father, Earth our mother.
Hence, we all relate to each other,
While the benevolent boon of breath
Sustains us all from womb to death.
With a loving, humble attitude
Our hearts will fill with gratitude.
All souls in their own fashion
Can redeem themselves through compassion.

Why are the Israelis happily elevated
Through human rights being violated?
Why do they feel the need to degrade
Others by nation, station, sect, sex or shade?
When we open our eyes we see, of course,
They are totally bereft of a conscience and remorse.
All souls in their own fashion
Can open up their hearts to compassion.

Thousands killed and maimed in Sharon’s name,
His brutes untamed, their victims blamed!!!
God knows how many lives they took
While barring the World from having a look?
Wouldn’t it be just and joyfully freeing,
If all they we’re seeing, were a human being?
His brutes too in their own fashion
Must embrace humane-kind via compassion.

© Erik the Viking, UK