is a magazine dedicated to mail art, peace, poetry, vispo, love, light, magic, stones, signs, snakes, turtles, renegades & global networking. This is the extended e-version of the first zine containing a world peace poem in reaction on the war on Iraq.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


My Dear God,
Can You give me some inspiration?
Please, my God.
The men that just love money, money, money
want only destruction.
I am a Brazilian man,

And I think
A lot of people in the World
Want to live within Love.
Do You think that too?
So, my Lord,
Give me some voice
Voice to shout to the World:
No war! No war! No war!
And later,
I would like to try,
To breathe,
To relax,
To dream and to see:
All the people in the World
Living a great life in peace.

© Ricardo Alfaya, BRAZIL
19 September 2002